National Preparedness Month

Here we are in September which has been designated “National Emergency Preparedness Month”. According to the website “September is recognized as National Preparedness Month (NPM) which serves as a reminder that we all must take action to prepare, now and throughout the year, for the types of emergencies that could affect us where we live, work, and also where we visit.” Those of you who are already prepared are asking how this affects you and what possible value this has for you? Let’s take a look.
First, it legitimizes our actions. Not that we need it, but it may help draw more people into the preparedness circle. Many of those outside the circle view preppers as somewhat odd to say the least. If they open their eyes, ears and minds to the Public Service Announcements offered by they will realize there is a reason for the government’s efforts. The federal government realizes how long it will take them to respond to an emergency and people will need to be able to take care of themselves for up to 3 to 5 days in most cases. What happens to those who haven’t made the recommended preparations during this timeframe? Think about the folks who know you prep but haven’t jumped yet. This is a good opportunity to educate!
Second, it provides guidance from an established source. gives enough information to get someone going by providing them with basic knowledge such as putting together a 72-hour kit and creating a Family Emergency Communications plan. Will people do this? No. Most will not, that’s where we come in. We need to be ready to open a dialogue with those who either haven’t committed or want to but need some mentoring
Third, the more people who prepare the better off everyone is. The more who are fully prepared, the less standing in line for help from the government which will enable the government to do more for those who really need it. Many of those who are depending on Uncle Sam providing for them fail to consider that the necessities aren’t delivered to them. Obtaining the food and water provided by the government will involve some travel and standing in line. Personally I despise standing in line. I also believe I should be at home reassuring my family and keeping them safe instead of standing in line somewhere.
So please take some time and familiarize yourself with all that has to offer then take a moment to think about family, friends and coworkers who may benefit from it. Remember, we ALL benefit from each person we bring into the world of preparedness!


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